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Bicyclists Formulating a Strategy, Going After the Gas

A young man bicycled up to a Bethlehem Lukoil gas station near Route 22 on Tuesday night, pulled a handgun on a cashier and emptied the cash register inside, according to police radio reports. It was the fifth confirmed Lehigh … Continue reading

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Bicyclists Now Strapping $600 Plastic Bags to Their Heads in the Name of Safety; I See No Way This Could Go Wrong

(VIDEO) Sure, a bicycle helmet can save your life in an accident, but it can also be murder on your freshly coifed hair. Now there’s an alternative — an airbag for your head. And like the ones in your car, … Continue reading

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Bicyclists Just Getting Drunk and Punching Female Cops Now

A drunk cyclist has been accused of attacking a female police officer in Cairns. The cyclist was stopped on suspicion of riding while over the limit on Thursday night. Police allege he punched the 37-year-old officer several times in the … Continue reading

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If You Hate Lance Armstrong, You Hate America

Listen I know I touched on this Lance Armstrong bullshit before, but now that it’s back in the news it’s important to remember one thing: if you suddenly hate Lance Armstrong now, you are basically a terrorist. See the thing … Continue reading

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Bicyclist Runs Three Red Lights in About 10 Seconds, NYPD Hero Lowers the BOOM

One Brooklyn cyclist says he was hit with a $1,555 ticket for running three red lights in a row. It’s not why he was ticketed that has us stumped, but how.  The cyclist, who asked the Gothamist to keep his name anonymous, says the officer … Continue reading

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Bicyclists Not Just Robbing Old Ladies Anymore; Now Curb Stomping Them Too

A 62-year-old retired woman fell victim to a bag thief after missing her bus on a Saturday morning shopping trip, a judge was told. The victim was walking to Brownhills to catch another bus into Walsall town centre when she … Continue reading

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News of the Week That Should Surprise No One: Bicyclists Still Riding Around Naked and Traumatizing Women

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A man is being charged with public indecency after allegedly riding his bicycle while naked. Paul James Donahue was arrested on Monday afternoon after a witness said that he saw Donahue, 43, naked on his bicycle riding past … Continue reading

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