Bicyclists Not Just Robbing Old Ladies Anymore; Now Curb Stomping Them Too

A 62-year-old retired woman fell victim to a bag thief after missing her bus on a Saturday morning shopping trip, a judge was told.

The victim was walking to Brownhills to catch another bus into Walsall town centre when she was targeted by cyclist Daniel Taylor, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

The 20-year-old struck on the foot and cycle path running alongside the A5 to the Park View Medical Centre at Chester Road North, said prosecutor Miss Alka Brigue.

Taylor grabbed the strap of her bag as he came alongside her at around 9.30am on August 18.

He tugged so hard that she was hurled to the ground but clung on to the bag until he trod on her hand forcing her to let go, said Miss Brigue. [Express and Star]

Yup, this poor old lady is just trying to go downtown and buy some sweets for her grandkids, but Danny Taylor had to hop on his bicycle and bring the hammer down. I mean stealing from an old lady is already some straight up 7th-level-of-Hell shit, but seriously man.

A) You weren’t even strong enough to rip the purse out of a 62-year-old lady’s hands, which is fucking pathetic in the first place. I mean listen I know these Baby Boomers can be some tough old broads but you gotta have some pride.

B) When you failed to rip it out of her hands, you just went ahead and stomped on her? Ain’t no jury in the world gonna give you a minimum sentence now, son. Sometimes you can make an excuse for stealing: “I needed money for my mother’s medication,” or “My little sister hasn’t eaten for days and I need money for food,” or “I really wanted that XBox game,” but all those excuses pretty much lose their luster when you throw curb stomping an old lady into the mix.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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