News of the Week That Should Surprise No One: Bicyclists Still Riding Around Naked and Traumatizing Women

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A man is being charged with public indecency after allegedly riding his bicycle while naked.

Paul James Donahue was arrested on Monday afternoon after a witness said that he saw Donahue, 43, naked on his bicycle riding past a woman at Northbank Park.

Donahue was charged with one count of public indecency. Additional charges could follow.
Police have investigated a number of reports of a naked bicyclist, but authorities did not say if they believe Donahue is responsible for the other incidents. []

Sorry for the lack of updating, I’ve been damn busy. And so have the bicyclists, it seems! Check up Paul here, just riding around some poor women while buck-ass naked. I’d love to hear the conversation with the cops, too. “What’s wrong officer? Oh this? Is that illegal? Are you sure? You do see that I’m on a bike, right? I’m pretty sure you can’t arrest me if I’m on a bike.”

Seriously though the best part of this article has to be the final line. Oh yeah, there have been a whole bunch of other naked bicyclist reports, but we can’t be sure it’s the same guy. Is that…is that a common thing? Is there like a naked bicyclist epidemic in this town? How the fuck can they not be sure if it’s the same guy?

Actually you know what, I do understand. I mean how many naked bicyclist articles have I posted in the last couple of months? Yeah never mind cops, you’re right to not rule it out. Do your due diligence. There’s probably a cabin in the woods full of naked old dudes with bicycles that’s a man short right now.

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