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Because Regular Bicycles Aren’t Flimsy Enough, Cardboard Bicycles Are Now Apparently a Thing

A bicycle made of cardboard may seem an unlikely form of transport – but one inventor claims to have developed one that costs just £10 to make. By folding over sheets to double their strength, he claims the machine is … Continue reading

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Bicyclists No Longer Content With Just Obstructing Traffic, Now Delaying Your Train Rides Too

A bicyclist who rode down the ramp of a CTA Blue Line station on the West Side on Wednesday morning was not seriously injured after he lost control of his bike and wound up on the tracks. The CTA was … Continue reading

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Bicyclist Rides Around in Circles, Sits on the Ground, Tells Everyone He Got Hit By a Car

NAPLES, FL – Naples Police arrested a bicyclist after he lied about having been hit by a vehicle that fled the scene of the accident at 15th Avenue North and 10th Street North, according to police reports. According to reports, Naples … Continue reading

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Looks Like DC Is Starting to Catch On

This morning, commuters walking to the Metro who got a copy of the Washington Examiner tabloid saw a cover that shouts, “Motorists fuming as bicyclists pack roads; Everyone angry at clueless Bikeshare riders.” Whoever did the layout even put it … Continue reading

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Bicyclists Running Over Little Old Ladies Now Because They Just Don’t Give a Fuck

A writer has called for the introduction of a “cycling licence” after her elderly mother was knocked down and injured twice in a month. Petronella Wyatt said many riders were “rogues” and “as low as the meanest hit-men”. Her mother … Continue reading

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Bicyclists Starting to Go All ’28 Days Later’ on Us

A 71-year-old Cambridge man told police he was driving down Concord Avenue near Parker Street at 11:20 a.m. on Aug. 28 when a cyclist reportedly started banging on his passenger side window and door, denting the door with a kick. … Continue reading

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Bicyclist Runs Over Hiker and Calls Him a “Motherfucking Faggot,” Promptly Gets the Shit Kicked Out of Him Because Bicyclists Are Pussies

A small peloton of Lycra-clad cyclists came northbound around a bend, taking up both lanes. Most moved over into the northbound lane; one just waved his hand at me to give way, which would have put me into a particularly ugly-looking … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Bicyclist Rolling Around Town with a Concealed Weapon While He Has Outstanding Warrants

At 4:30 a.m., Sgt. Schuette and Deputy Easter observed a subject on a bicycle matching the description of an armed robbery suspect. Upon making contact they found the subject was concealing a loaded handgun. The subject was arrested for carrying … Continue reading

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Just Another Bicyclist Verbally Assaulting a Woman and Punching the Shit Out of Her Car

KITTERY, Maine — Police have released a photo of a bicyclist suspected in a road rage incident and are asking the public’s help in identifying him. The suspect was involved in an incident on Monday, Sept. 3 with a local … Continue reading

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