Looks Like DC Is Starting to Catch On

This morning, commuters walking to the Metro who got a copy of the Washington Examiner tabloid saw a cover that shouts, “Motorists fuming as bicyclists pack roads; Everyone angry at clueless Bikeshare riders.”

Whoever did the layout even put it above a picture of actual riots and fire in the Middle East. Martin Austermuhle notes, “From afar you’d be hard-pressed not to think that the Examiner is discretely trying to make another point.” [Greater Greater Washington]

So this morning I was greeted by the above newspaper cover as I hopped on the metro to get to work. I have to say I think they kind of nailed it? I mean if there’s one thing worse than a bicyclist it’s a bicyclist who doesn’t even own his own fucking bicycle.

And listen to this blogger bitch. Wah wah, from far away it looks like the headline and the picture go together. Well you know what? Get the fuck over it. What “other point” do you think they’re trying to make? That Capital Bikeshare users are ridiculous and their bikes should all be set on fire? Because if that’s the case I gotta say I kind of agree. When my commute gets ten minutes longer because my bus is stuck behind some dipshit on a bright red Bikeshare bike who can’t figure out why there are 800 drivers honking at him, I definitely start to feel like breaking some shit.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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