Bicyclists Running Over Little Old Ladies Now Because They Just Don’t Give a Fuck

A writer has called for the introduction of a “cycling licence” after her elderly mother was knocked down and injured twice in a month.

Petronella Wyatt said many riders were “rogues” and “as low as the meanest hit-men”.

Her mother Veronica Banszky Von Ambroz, known as Verushka, was shopping in Regent Street on August 16 when she was struck the first time.

The cyclist apparently did not stop and the pensioner was left in the road with a broken arm.

Then four days ago, just as she was finally getting her strength back, she was struck down again, this time in north London on her way to buy bread.

She nearly lost the sight in her left eye and may now have to undergo an operation on her broken arm which sustained further damage. [London Evening Standard]

Ho hum. Am I supposed to be surprised by this? I don’t fucking think so. When you boil it down, bicyclists honestly just believe that they are the #1 method of transportation and anyone who isn’t on a bike doesn’t really count as a person. That includes cars, trucks, segways, and apparently little old ladies on foot.

Every time some driver hit-and-runs a  bicyclist, the bicycling community acts like there is some sort of coordinated effort among drivers to genocide bicyclists right off the face of the earth. Meanwhile poor Verushka (which is the best little old lady name ever btw) up here is just getting her arms broken and her eyeballs knocked out. Yup. Nothing to see here. Doesn’t count because a bicyclist did it. You people make me sick.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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