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Lance Armstrong Says Pro Bicycling’s Leaders Are on Cancer’s Side and Honestly Who Are You Going to Believe, a Bunch of Asshole Bicyclist Leaders or Lance Fucking Armstrong, American Hero?

Lance Armstrong blames cycling’s governing body for the spread of the cancer that nearly killed him and told a team-mate that it was his ‘card to play’ if he ever faced any ‘doping problem.’ … Vaughters stated: ‘Early on at a … Continue reading

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Three Bicyclists Somehow Manage to Get Lost in the Middle of the Fucking Forest

NEWPORT-Three bicyclists riding trails in the Martha Sundquist State Forest late on Friday, Jan. 11, got lost for two and one-half hours before rescuers found them safe and uninjured. Lt. C.J. Ball of the Cocke County Sheriff’s Department said the … Continue reading

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Hero Cop Writes Bicyclist a Ticket for Being a Dick, Now People Are Angry Because He Didn’t Have a “Real Reason” or Something

A Los Angeles cop is now under investigation after he gave a cyclist a ticket “for arguing with me.” According to NBC News, the officer’s conduct is under investigation after a video of him ticketing a bicyclist who told him he was blocking … Continue reading

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Mother Nature Continues To Do Her Part: Trees Now Eating Bicycles

A young boy’s lost bicycle has led to a unique piece of natural roadside art on Washington state’sVashon Island, over 50 years later. Traveling off of Vashon Highway, about 50 feet into the woods behind the local Sound Food Café, travelers … Continue reading

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