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Slowest Bicyclist Ever Snatches Purse, Can’t Even Escape Woman Who Runs Him Down ON FOOT

MANCHESTER — Alone and walking to her car late at night, Ashley Stathopoulos was terrified when a man on a bicycle grabbed her purse and pedaled away. She also was quite angry. “I wasn’t letting him get away. He only … Continue reading

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Dickhead Bicyclists Just Trying to Ruin the Olympics for the Rest of Us

LONDON (AP) — London police arrested 182 activists on bicycles who tried to breach the Olympic Park’s security cordon during the games’ opening ceremony, officials said Sunday. Three people have been charged with various offenses during Friday night’s protest, while the … Continue reading

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Even Professional Bicyclists Are Basically Just Crybabies in Spandex

  Ok, here’s the back story to this stunning video. 26-year old Kevin Van Hoovels of Belgium dropped  his chain twice, caught back up with the leader, and then lost the sprint for the title of XC Mountain Bike Champion … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Bicyclist Getting Shitfaced and Riding Around Town

Police will allege the man was swerving across Bower Rd and struggling to maintain control of his bike when a patrol spotted him about 10.30pm. The Queenstown man, 37, almost collapsed on the road, police said. When breath tested, he … Continue reading

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Drunk Bicyclist Apparently Thinks That Her Bike Makes Her Exempt From All Laws

BRIDGEPORT — While a 21-year-old woman was driving her car down State Street Wednesday around 10:30 a.m., she said a woman, drinking beer and riding a bicycle, struck her gray Toyota Camry. The driver said she was driving in the left lane, … Continue reading

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THE EARTH ITSELF Now Opening Up to Swallow Bicyclists

TOLEDO, Ohio – A bicyclist is recovering after riding through a hole Tuesday night. It happened along Holland-Sylvania just south of Airport Highway. We’re told there was a small water main break, and cones were placed at the scene, blocking the … Continue reading

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Bicyclists Just Straight Up Trying to Stab Each Other to Death Now

A road rage incident in Ferndale between two bicyclists ended with one man being charged with felony assault with a knife. David R. Simmons, 69, of Oak Park was arraigned Saturday before Ferndale 43rd District Magistrate James Brennan. The suspect … Continue reading

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Roving Gangs of Bicyclists Just Cursing at Kids, Stealing, Getting Naked, and Peeing on Everything

“Let me be very clear at the outset – this is not an anticycling campaign,” San Ann resident Lou Rinaldi said. “It’s a pro-hometown and community standards campaign. Part of it is letting the folks know that we don’t appreciate … Continue reading

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Bicyclist Gets Ticket, Tries to Drag All of Her Friends Down With Her

Plantation triathlete Molli Serrano was riding through Weston with more than 30 cyclists when a sheriff’s deputy stopped them around dawn. Serrano was the only one given a $65 ticket on March 6. Her offense: riding outside the bike lane … Continue reading

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Guy Bitches that Bicyclists Shouldn’t Have to Wear Helmets, I Think Maybe I Agree?

More Christchurch people would cycle if they did not have to strap ugly helmets to their heads, a style-conscious city councillor says. Cr Aaron Keown wants New Zealand’s compulsory cycle helmet law reviewed because he believes it is stopping people … Continue reading

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