Roving Gangs of Bicyclists Just Cursing at Kids, Stealing, Getting Naked, and Peeing on Everything

“Let me be very clear at the outset – this is not an anticycling campaign,” San Ann resident Lou Rinaldi said. “It’s a pro-hometown and community standards campaign. Part of it is letting the folks know that we don’t appreciate some of their actions – many of their actions.”

Those actions extend beyond the road, he said. It includes cursing in front of neighborhood children, stripping down in the parking lot after group rides, littering and stealing fruit from orchards.

“I’ve seen them pee in the parking lot – and there’s a public restroom right there,” Rinaldi said.

It’s that type of behavior that prompted him to write an open letter to cyclists:

“Please know that you become UN-WELCOME when your actions demonstrate disrespect for others, law-breaking, civil disregard and rudeness,” he wrote. [Tampa Tribune]

This is one of those stories I can’t even really tell a joke about. I mean this pretty much just makes my whole argument for me. How am I supposed to exaggerate a story about bicyclists literally just getting naked and pissing everywhere? I can’t even blow this out of proportion. Just groups of bicyclists invading a town, stealing food, traumatizing kids, getting naked, and peeing in parking lots. Nothing to see here folks. Just typical bicyclist behavior.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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