Bicyclist Gets Ticket, Tries to Drag All of Her Friends Down With Her

Plantation triathlete Molli Serrano was riding through Weston with more than 30 cyclists when a sheriff’s deputy stopped them around dawn.

Serrano was the only one given a $65 ticket on March 6. Her offense: riding outside the bike lane – a violation the cop said was committed by most everyone in the group.

Deputy Dominic Raimondi says Serrano got the ticket because she stood out in her purple outfit.

He said there were so many cyclists, he had to choose one, so he chose to “fixate” on the woman in purple. [South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

Let me just start off by saying that if this officer really did ticket this woman specifically because she was wearing purple, I stand behind his decision 100%. I mean it’s just basic common sense: you can’t stop all of them, so stop the one who looks like the biggest asshole. Seriously, click on that article and look at the picture of that woman. She’s lucky the cop just gave her a ticket instead of pushing her right off her bike. I mean listen obviously I support her raising awareness for a good cause, but the cop can’t be expected to know that.

But the real part of this article that I love is that she’s really just pissed that she got ticketed and nobody else did. Typical bicyclist just selling out all of her friends. Guarantee you that if it was an option, she’d be in court trying to get everyone else ticketed. Because that’s her whole excuse: it wasn’t “I didn’t do anything wrong,” it was “yeah well everyone else did it too.”

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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