Dickhead Bicyclists Just Trying to Ruin the Olympics for the Rest of Us

LONDON (AP) — London police arrested 182 activists on bicycles who tried to breach the Olympic Park’s security cordon during the games’ opening ceremony, officials said Sunday.

Three people have been charged with various offenses during Friday night’s protest, while the rest were released pending further questioning, Scotland Yard said.

Police — who had earlier mistakenly said they had charged four people — confirmed that a 35-year-old Portuguese man, a 34-year-old Italian man and a 51-year-old man from east London will appear in court accused of public order offenses.

Scotland Yard said it knew a monthly protest by cyclists was planned for Friday but ordered the protesters to remain south of the River Thames to keep them from blocking more than 80,000 ticket-holders from the Olympics’ opening ceremony.

Police said around 400 to 500 people attempted to cross the Thames to the Stratford area, where the Olympic Park is located, defying police warnings and attempts to stop them. The cyclists then split into small groups and some managed to reach Stratford.

I bet you thought I was going to bitch about Olympic cycling. Not this guy. Couldn’t care less about Olympic cyclists. Because they’re not obstructing traffic. They’re not breezing through stop signs. I’m like 99% sure there are no four way intersections on the Olympic cycling tracks. There’s a big difference between a professional cyclist and a dipshit bicyclist.  I hope the Tour de France goes on forever and some shrunken-testicled roid monkey wins every year.

But seriously, if you don’t love the Olympics, you’re a fucking asshole. If a horde of bicyclists think they can shut down the opening ceremony because they’re butthurt about capitalism, they can just suck my balls.

PS. Occupy London WOULD be made up of a bunch of bitchy bicyclists.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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