Mother Nature Continues To Do Her Part: Trees Now Eating Bicycles


A young boy’s lost bicycle has led to a unique piece of natural roadside art on Washington state’sVashon Island, over 50 years later.

Traveling off of Vashon Highway, about 50 feet into the woods behind the local Sound Food Café, travelers will come across a peculiar site – an intact, 1950s-era bicycle embedded into a tree.

In 1954 Helen Puz had been recently widowed when she received the bike as a gift from someone in the community, according to Discover Washington State. [Yahoo]

Isn’t that just like a bicyclist? Get a sweet new bike from some nice neighbor, ride it around a couple of times, let a tree eat it. Probably didn’t even say thank you. Just rode it around, cut off a couple cars, threw it in the woods behind the house.

I guess this pretty much just proves my point. Bicyclists just take everything for granted. They take it for granted that some angry motorist isn’t going to run them over. They take it for granted that the cops won’t stop them for running a red light. They take it for granted that their neighbors are just going to keep giving them sweet bikes.

Look I’m not saying I’ve never lost anything. I lose shit all the time. I lose my keys. I lose my wallet. But let me tell you what: I’ve never lost my wallet so badly that a fucking TREE grew up around it. Just what I’ve been trying to say. Bicyclists are stupid, ungrateful, and careless. That’s all.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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