Hero Cop Writes Bicyclist a Ticket for Being a Dick, Now People Are Angry Because He Didn’t Have a “Real Reason” or Something


A Los Angeles cop is now under investigation after he gave a cyclist a ticket “for arguing with me.”

According to NBC News, the officer’s conduct is under investigation after a video of him ticketing a bicyclist who told him he was blocking the bike path went viral.

In the 10-minute video clip (shown below), a cyclist turns on his helmet camera and records his interaction with the police officer on the Venice Beach bike path. [The Inquisitr]


See first off the problem here is that only a bicyclist would think that it’s completely fine to be an asshole to a cop. Do you see drivers flipping off cops on the road (NOTE: I accidentally did this once. It is not recommended)? No, because drivers know that rules are what hold our society together. Respect for authority and for each other. Not lawless chaos and crying to a news crew when a cop decides to stop taking your shit.

Second off, seriously dude? Helmet cam? You know what kind of person wears a helmet cam? The kind of person who gets into confrontational situations like this all the Goddamn time, that’s who. More importantly, the kind of person who INTENTIONALLY inserts himself into these situations. Honestly if I saw a bicyclist ride by wearing a helmet cam, I…I…I just cannot be held responsible for what I would do. Just imagining it is…is just upsetting.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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