Bicyclist Runs Three Red Lights in About 10 Seconds, NYPD Hero Lowers the BOOM

One Brooklyn cyclist says he was hit with a $1,555 ticket for running three red lights in a row. It’s not why he was ticketed that has us stumped, but how. 

The cyclist, who asked the Gothamist to keep his name anonymous, says the officer admitted to following him the entire time before deciding to pull him over after the third light.

In total, he was charged $190 for the first light, $375 for the second, and $940 for the third. The headphones cost him another $50.

Sure, he was guilty, but we can’t imagine a driver being followed for that long while a cop tallied up his traffic violations. [Business Insider]

NYPD gets it! NYPD gets it! God DAMN I would have loved to see the look on this fucking Brooklyn hipster’s face when he saw $1,555 on that ticket. High fucking comedy. 10/10. Better than anything Adam Sandler has done in about 10 years. Would watch again.

I just love how this bicyclist thinks the fact that the cop followed him through all three lights is actually a defense of some kind. Waahhh waahh if he was gonna pull me over he should have done it after the first one. Ummmm bro. You ran three red lights in a row with a cop right behind you the whole time. I’m pretty sure that makes you the dumbest human being on the fucking planet. Of course he probably didn’t notice the cop because he was distracted by the music on his headphones that he was illegally wearing. Real genius level stuff here.

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