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Apparently Fat People Aren’t Allowed To Participate In That NYC Bike Share Program And Now I Am Just Goddamn Confused

[New York Post] Can obese cyclists sign up for the city’s new bike-share program? Fat chance! It is “prohibited” for any rider who weighs more than 260 pounds to sign up for the soon-to-launch initiative — prompting backlash from riders … Continue reading

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Bicyclist All Pissed Off Because He’s Afraid His Insurance Company Will Think He Drives the Wrong Way Down One-Way Streets and Doesn’t Stop at Stop Signs Just Because He Drove the Wrong Way Down a One-Way Street and Didn’t Stop at a Stop Sign

APOPKA, Fla. – An Orange County man who received two citations while riding his bicycle on a narrow, dead-end street may face an even bigger legal battle. Local 6 first reported on Sunday that Gary Elswick, 51, received two citations for failing … Continue reading

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Hero Cop Writes Bicyclist a Ticket for Being a Dick, Now People Are Angry Because He Didn’t Have a “Real Reason” or Something

A Los Angeles cop is now under investigation after he gave a cyclist a ticket “for arguing with me.” According to NBC News, the officer’s conduct is under investigation after a video of him ticketing a bicyclist who told him he was blocking … Continue reading

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New York Bicyclists Demand ‘Bike-Specific Stoplights’ As Though They’re Going to Fucking Listen to Those Either

UPPER EAST SIDE — The turf war between pedestrians and cyclists continues in Central Park, as critics of wayward bikers demanded the Department of Transportation install bike-specific stoplights along the cycling path. At a recent Community Board 8 Transportation Committee meeting, several … Continue reading

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Does This Bicyclist Seriously Think There Are Single-Issue Bike Lane Voters Out There?

But even saurian brains can’t be that small. Bikes must occasionally leave bike lanes, just as buses occasionally leave bus lanes. And although rudeness and stupidity are as common among cyclists as others, a few random failures do not a … Continue reading

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Dickhead Bicyclists Just Trying to Ruin the Olympics for the Rest of Us

LONDON (AP) — London police arrested 182 activists on bicycles who tried to breach the Olympic Park’s security cordon during the games’ opening ceremony, officials said Sunday. Three people have been charged with various offenses during Friday night’s protest, while the … Continue reading

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Even Professional Bicyclists Are Basically Just Crybabies in Spandex

  Ok, here’s the back story to this stunning video. 26-year old Kevin Van Hoovels of Belgium dropped  his chain twice, caught back up with the leader, and then lost the sprint for the title of XC Mountain Bike Champion … Continue reading

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