Bicyclist Mob Bullies Georgia Lawmakers Into Dropping Bike Registration Bill


[WALB] ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Some Georgia lawmakers who wanted to force you to pay an annual fee and get a license plate for every bicycle you own apparently thought better of the idea.

Three lawmakers from Hall County introduced the bill for the upcoming General Assembly session. It would have called for a $100 dollar fine for anyone caught riding a bike without the $15 license plate.

An Albany bike shop owner thinks the idea was kind of ridiculous. Breakaway Cycle Owner Gene Kirk said, “I think it was a little far-fetched to ask people to register a bicycle and then to put an actual tag on the bicycle, and some of the rules they actually had as far as spacing in between cyclists was very far-fetched.”

Those lawmakers held a hearing on the bike registration bill Monday night in Gainesville. Several hundred people showed up to complain about it, so they said they would drop the bill.

You talk to a bicyclist and they’ll tell you that their bike is a vehicle the has just as much right to the road as a car. They’ll tell you that their bike is just as legitimate of a means of transportation as any other. But the second you ask them to register and tag it like any other vehicle on the road, suddenly they throw a hissy fit. Suddenly bikes are different and they should have to follow any of the usual rules. I mean it’s no surprise. They don’t stop for red lights. They don’t stop for stop signs. They don’t signal their turns or make room for faster traffic. So of course they won’t register their bikes. After all, if you make bicyclists put license plates on their bikes, they’ll be easy to identify when they break the law. And no bicyclist wants that. They’d all be in jail within a week.

Gotta love the tactics, though. Straight out of the bicyclist playbook. Like oh, you don’t like the law they’re gonna pass? Well obviously a civil discussion and well reasoned argument is out of the question. We better gather a lynch mob of hundreds of pedal jockeys together to intimidate them into backing down. I’ve always said bicyclists are the closest thing to the wasteland savages from The Road Warrior out there. In fact the only thing more shameful than the bicyclists bullying tactics is the fact that these lawmakers capitulated to them. I’m sorry I thought this was America. I thought we weren’t supposed to negotiate with terrorists. But here we are. I guess this is what happens when you let bicyclists run amok in our city streets. They think they own the place and there’s nobody left to tell them otherwise. I gotta say I feel awful lonely sometimes.


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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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1 Response to Bicyclist Mob Bullies Georgia Lawmakers Into Dropping Bike Registration Bill

  1. r3dbull4dd1kt says:

    I have been screaming this gospel for DECADES–You wanna be a ‘vehicle’ deal with the same bullshit regulatory foolishness we car-owning folks tolerate in order to operate a car : Deemed a ‘priviledge’ in every state…Wanna “share the road” bikefucks? Share the fucking costs and deal with registration, taxes, insurance, DMV Lines, licenses and all the other bullshit…

    Fuck…now I really! hate! bicyclists!

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