Apparently London Bicyclists Are All Pissed Off Because A Firefighter Said Bike Accidents Are A “Problem.” No, really.


[London 24] There is a “big problem” with cyclists on London’s roads, a member of the London Fire Brigade (LFB) has been reported as saying, sparking criticism from cycling campaigners.

The LFB crew member, who was attending an incident in south London last week in which a cyclist collided with a 4×4, said even fire engines had been involved in incidents and cyclists were putting themselves at risk by not treating the road with respect.

He told the Wimbledon Guardian: “There is a big problem with cyclists at the moment generally. There are so many more cyclists on the roads that we have had a number of incidents ourselves with fire engines and recent months.

“What they do is tuck themselves between the 150mm gap of the curb and lorry and really get themselves into places they just should not be. If there is a small gap just stay back.”

Oh no he didn’t! What an asshole! How dare a London firefighter accurately describe the way bicyclists behave! How dare a first responder who has to personally deal with the aftermath of these accidents criticize the bicyclists who are causing them! That son of a bitch!

Par for the course from bicyclists though. They want to be able to do whatever they want whenever they want, even if that means disregarding laws that are there specifically for their own good. I honestly love the mindset behind all the complaining here. Literally all this guy is saying is that bicyclists cause a lot of accidents and if they would just follow the rules they would be less of a problem. I don’t see how anyone could argue with that. It’s probably the truest thing anyone has ever said. But no. If you gave a bicyclist the option of either ignoring the law and dying or obeying the law and surviving, they’ll choose death every time. The scofflaw mentality is THAT ingrained in them.

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