Azerbaijani Bicyclist Decides To Pedal Across Half The Known World Through Freezing Snow To Prove That People From Azerbaijan Can Ride Bikes, I Guess?


[AzerNews] Azerbaijani Ramil Ziyadov is still pedaling despite rough wind and 14 degrees below zero of Russia.

Cyclist Ramil set off a two-year journey in the name of Azerbaijan, during which he plans to pedal 45,000 kilometers across Eurasia and Africa. Ramil has already covered Georgia, concurred Kazbek, reached Russian city of Pyatigorsk and is currently on his way to Rostov.

As part of his preparation to the journey, Ramil spent several nights outdoors to stand severe Russian cold.

Notwithstanding the risk, with only cold-weather clothing, sleeping bag and tent, Ramil wants to show the world how strong and able Azerbaijanis are.

Dude. We get it. You can ride a bike. Congrats. We’re all very impressed. You can go get a blanket and drink some hot chocolate now.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this guy? I know I made fun of that guy who was riding across the world for the Free Tibet cause, but at least that guy HAD a legit cause. Riding his bicycle in no way furthered his efforts, but at least he kinda sorta knew what he was doing and why.

This guy? This guy is riding “in the name of Azerbaijan.” He wants to “show the world how strong and able Azerbaijanis are.” Uhhh okay bro. People from Azerbaijan can ride bikes. Crazy. Super impressive. We are all blown away by the fact that you are able to sit your ass on a banana seat and move your legs in a circle.

No. The only thing that the rest of the world is learning about Azerbaijan from this guy is that Azerbaijanis are fucking psychopaths. You’re riding a bike through SIBERIA in the middle of a winter storm where it’s negative fourteen fucking degrees out? What fucking PLANET are you on? Who in their right mind is going to look at that guy and think “wow, what a hero, I bet people from his country are awesome?”

The answer is nobody. Nobody will say that. In fact if the rest of the world as any sense, they’re going to look at that man and think, “wow, people in Azerbaijan are so dumb they don’t even know to stay indoors when it’s -14 degrees outside. Better send an assload of Teach for America people over there before they go extinct from pure retardation.”

PS. I love you Azerbaijan, I’m sure you’re great, but you gotta disown this asshole.

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