Scottish Bicyclists Run A PSA To Promote Safe Cycling Except Oh Wait The Dude In The Video Isn’t Even Wearing A Helmet


[Telegraph] A television advert promoting safe cycling has been banned for showing a rider without a helmet pedalling (sic) along the middle of a road.

The ad, part of a campaign by Cycling Scotland, said in a voiceover: ”Not a lot of people know this but you should treat a cyclist the way you treat a horse … slow down, treat them with care and give them their space on the road.”

But five viewers complained that the ad was irresponsible and harmful because it showed a cyclist without a helmet or any other safety attire riding down the middle of the road.

This is how flat-out brain dead bicyclists are. This is how absolutely, 100% out of touch with reality the entire bicycling community is. Because these people thought they were doing a good thing. They were like, you know what, people are complaining about bicyclists, so let’s just make sure everybody is riding their bike responsibly out there.

Of course, that’s pretty fucking hard to do when nobody and I mean nobody who rides a bike has any idea how to do it properly. Not the everyday dickweasels riding to work. Not the holier-than-thou, “riding for a cause,” cross-country pedaltwats. And not the Grand Wizard of Bicycling or whatever the fuck the idiot who runs this bicycling organization calls himself.

I wish I could say that when your idea of “safe bicycling” is a guy riding in the middle of the street with no helmet, you have to be a special kind of stupid. I really, really wish I could say that. But the fact is there’s nothing special about this. It’s just more typical bicyclist behavior. You almost can’t be mad at them anymore because this PSA is proof positive that they just don’t know any better. It’s like being mad at a wild animal for shitting on your carpet. When the entire bicycling community from the top down thinks that this is what safety means, it’s no wonder these people are basically feral.

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