Just A Typical Bicyclist Running Red Lights On A Stolen Bike While Carrying Crystal Meth And A Concealed Weapon


[London Community News] A cyclist stopped by London police for running red light is facing several drug and weapons charges.

According to the London Police Service (LPS) two members of the Community Foot Patrol Unit saw a man ride his bike through a red light at the intersection of Dundas and William streets at about 5:50 p.m. Tuesday (Oct. 15).

While the officers were speaking with the man, they learned he had a spring-loaded knife on his person. Once he was arrested, the officers discovered he also had almost six grams of marijuana and trace amounts of crystal meth on his person.

Further investigation revealed the bike he was riding was reported stolen Sept. 20.

I love this dude. From now on I’m just going to point to him when people ask if maybe I’m overreacting to the whole bicyclist menace. Because this guy is just an absolute perfect storm of everything I hate about bicyclists. I feel like a broken record saying it sometimes, but if you support bicyclists, you also support drug trafficking, theft, and assault with a deadly weapon. It’s just a fact.

Listen I don’t really care about pot. Shouldn’t even be illegal as far as I’m concerned. Still, I’m pretty sure that if I was rolling around with pot and crystal meth on my person, I’d be the most law-abiding dude in the world. But again, that’s the whole bicyclist mentality. They think that the moment they sit their spandex-clad asses down on a bike seat, they are immune to all laws. Concealed weapons laws? Drug laws? Basic traffic laws? PROPERTY laws? Fuck no! I love it. I’ve never seen a dude who more perfectly captures what the bicycling community is all about.

PS. If your bike is so easy to steal that even a crystal meth tweaker can do it, you might want to invest in a new bike lock. But I guess that’s the typical bicyclist mentality too. They disregard every law in the book with reckless abandon, but when someone steals their unlocked bike right off the street they straight up cannot believe it.

PPS. Get your shit together, England. This is three posts in a row.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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4 Responses to Just A Typical Bicyclist Running Red Lights On A Stolen Bike While Carrying Crystal Meth And A Concealed Weapon

  1. r3dbull4dd1kt says:

    This is a metaphor for England…they’re all a buncha ninny cowards anyhow…the bicyclist is a plague they deserve in their crumpet-loving, gun-less crime haven of a country…

  2. CyclistPedestrianMotorist says:

    You’ve really put your foot in your mouth this time, not having read the article very carefully. This happened in London, ONTARIO, Canada not England.

    Your diatribes about bicycles lowering IQ points are hilarious too since it’s not the bike messing up the brain. It’s the methamphetamine. It shows how little you know about methamphetamine in contrast with your self righteous blubbering on the topic.

    Both examples also illustrate that drugs aren’t the only thing that make humans stupid. Some (like you) are just naturally that way.

  3. bicyclebill2000 says:

    Why no follow up to this, Falco?  You know, about the couple who got busted this past weekend in a parking lot in Pennsylvania with a mobile meth lab … in their car.

    In this case, stupid people are stupid people.  Other than being stolen, the bicycle had nothing to do with it.

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