New Law In California Basically Makes It Illegal To Pass Bicyclists, And Surprise Surprise It’s Already Ruining Everything

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[Death and Taxes] California has a new law going into effect on September 16 known as the 3 Feet for Safety rule, which says that drivers must allow at least three feet of safe space around bikers at all times when passing them on the roads. If the requisite space isn’t available, drivers must slow down behind bikers and wait until they can pass when “no danger is present.”

The rule’s ambiguity is already bothering some who think assessing three feet of space while on the move will be difficult to enforce. By way of example, check out the video below—the car can clearly see cops behind him and doesn’t want to pass. He’s going to be there all day.

There’s nothing about this story that surprises me. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s those fucking nutbags out in California who thought this was a good idea. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s already causing the most absurd traffic jams I’ve ever seen. And it for SURE doesn’t shock me that bicyclists are already blatantly taking advantage of this dumbfuck law to sit in the middle of road going about a half mile per hour with a big fat helmet cam on their head so they can IMMEDIATELY report anyone who only leaves them 35 inches when passing.

Really, this is all about the same thing every bicyclist-related story is about: attention. That’s all they want. Watch that video up there. How easy would it be for that bicyclist to pull over to the side of the road for literally 30 seconds so the huge line of cars behind him can pass? The answer is TOO easy. But no, Timmy Tenspeed would rather just keep chugging along as slow as humanly possible, no doubt smugly smiling as he knows he’s imposing his selfish whims and desires on the scores of people at his mercy. It’s sickening. Absolutely sickening. But that’s who these people are. They’re the little dickheads who used to tattle on you for “being mean” if they were too slow to catch you playing tag.

This is what we’re reduced to in places like California, where those in charge would rather slow all of the traffic in the state down to a crawl than face the wrath of a couple pedal jockeys in leotards. Bicyclists can’t handle the high speed world we live in, so their only move is to bring the rest of us down to their speed. And the state government of California is only too happy to shackle our ankles and hand the bicyclists the key. For shame, California. For shame, America.

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3 Responses to New Law In California Basically Makes It Illegal To Pass Bicyclists, And Surprise Surprise It’s Already Ruining Everything

  1. onenameleft says:

    It boggles my mind why these motorists won’t speak up to their state legislatures, to tell them to get those dumb pedal pushing fucks off the roads. Motorists in every state could get together to setup an unstoppable motorists rights group, and roll back all the bullshit anti-vehicle laws these shit for brain bicycle advocate groups have foisted on the nation.

    • Eric says:

      Sadly it has to due with the fact that they are motorists. If they were cyclists they would have tons of excess self-entitlement coursing through their veins and would demand imposing their will on a greater majority. Since the average motorist is just an average human being, with a much lower percentage of self-entitlement syndrome. Not much will be done, “Oh why should I bother my congressman, I’ll just go about my day working and spending my time with my children” (instead of abandoning them at home for hours while in spandex astride a pedal powered replacement for a college savings account. Deadbeat dad-cyclists!).

      Also, that guy in the Lamborghini is going to run out of fuel and burn out his clutch at those speeds. Sure he can afford all three, but how green is that? All that fuel, all that CO2, all that wasted materials and all the energy to produce them. Cycling isn’t green, it’s killing our Earth. Move over so we can save our planet!

      Same corner where that one cyclist got rear ended (not the kind they dream about). Probably the most dangerous road in California, known to be a great road for sports cars and sport bikes. Riding your bicycle on the track during the Indy 500 would actually be safer, those are professional drivers with best in the world equipment. If you choose to ride a bicycle on The Snake, you’re sharing (well, not really sharing in this example. Road hogging asshat) the road with some real amateurs with a death wish shrouded in hundreds of pounds of steel while you preen in spandex.

      Does a cyclist have to give a minimum of 3 feet to pass a motorist? Cause I feel the urge to drive 1mph in my big ass truck on a double yellow lined road in front of some. Who is up for a convoy?

  2. allie says:

    There was a stupid fat ass who decided he was so bitchen that he breezed through a 4 way stop at a busy intersection with ear buds in place. When confronted, he just pulled the usual wave and fly speckled grin as if you are the one to blame. Then the fat bitch swerved in front of me, and ran another stop. Paramedics were parked there. I followed Lance Armstrong and I called him by name. I guess he didn’t like that. If you call them Lance or Lancey Pants, they get very riled. I asked “Lance” why bother to wear a helmet?” He swerved in front of me again. So I followed him although he was trying to act kewl and ditch me. I yelled out the window in front of other people “HEY EVERYBODY! IT’S LANCE ARMSTRONG!!!! He doesn’t even stop for the signs!” Wasn’t so smiley then. Stay the F*&% off the road during rush hour! Obey the traffic signs! Don’t use your helmet or those padded diaper shorts as a urnial! YOU SMELL! Don’t wear all of the “endorsed” bike wear. We know you aren’t the real thing when you come clicking into Starbucks with those ugly outfits, shaved legs, and annoying shoes. Next time, I’m wearing tap or Flamenco shoes and challenge one of them to a number from RIVERDANCE!!! LOL

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