New Study Basically Says That People Who Participate In Bikeshare Programs Are Brain Damaged

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[MyFoxDC] WASHINGTON – Brain injuries in several cities, including in Washington, D.C., are on the rise according to a recent study.

Surprisingly, research shows they may be linked to bike-sharing programs.

Doctor Michael Lewis of the Brain Health Education and Research Institute joined us with more.

They seem to have a little bit of a cause and effect issue here but I think the takeaway from this article is that people who participate in bike sharing programs are brain damaged. Uhhh, no kidding? I’m glad that Fox thought it was necessary to have some sort of brain geek on to tell all of us with normal, functional cognitive reasoning skills what we already know, but I think we’ve already got a pretty firm handle on the fact that bicyclists are brain damaged psychopaths.

If you go to the site and watch the video, the basic premise is that people who use bikeshare programs aren’t as experienced as other bike riders, and that leads to more accidents and more brain injuries. Which is fair. I can buy that. But what do you expect? Put a dumbass on a bike and send him out into the middle of the city and he’s probably going to cause an accident or two. Throw in the fact that these people are too stubborn or proud or WHATEVER it is that makes them think riding around without a helmet is perfectly fine and it’s pretty clear that these idiots are highly brain damaged from the get-go. So while I’m no big fan of bikeshare programs, I think we can safely say that all they’re doing is enabling people whose brains are clearly already damaged goods.

PS. Bikeshare programs are still a plague on our society and should be stopped at any cost, and if this stupid study makes that happen I’m all for it.

h/t reader Brian

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