Dumb Piece Of Shit Bicyclist Gets Caught Stealing A Bike Police Were Using In A Sting Operation…Oh Yeah And He Was Already Riding A Bike


[NJ.com] A Jersey City man was busted early last Thursday after he swiped a bike that cops had placed on Grove Street as part of a sting operation, officials said.

Reacting to a rash of bike thefts near the Grove Street PATH Station, cops watched as Nicholas Flores, 19, rode up to the planted bike on another bike shortly after midnight, officials said.

Flores looked around, then grabbed the bike and pulled it along with him as he rode away, police said.

Police nabbed him at Grove Street and Columbus Drive and charged him with theft, officials said. He was released on a summons.

I guess my first question is, how many bikes are being stolen in Jersey City that the cops are setting up sting operations? I mean I feel like bike theft is pretty far down on the list of priorities for most cops, so I have to assume that this dude has a stockpile of like 8,000 stolen bikes sitting in his basement to inspire a whole fucking police stakeout.

My second question is, how fucking stupid are you? I mean listen, I’m no bike thief but I figure if I wanted to steal a bike I’d probably do it at a time when I could just ride it away instead of dragging it next to me like the world’s saddest sidecar. Is there anyone on earth who is going to look at that and think “oh yeah, he probably just decided to leave his house with two bikes today. That’s probably what happened.” I can’t even imagine a circumstance in which it would be MORE obvious that you just stole a bike. How much of a bicycle hoarder do you have to be to think that riding off with the bike you just stole in tow is a good idea? But that’s just how these bicyclists roll, man. Stupid to the fucking core.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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2 Responses to Dumb Piece Of Shit Bicyclist Gets Caught Stealing A Bike Police Were Using In A Sting Operation…Oh Yeah And He Was Already Riding A Bike

  1. SleepyBoBos says:

    This type of compulsive behaviour speaks volumes to the underlying mental problems which cyclists have as a whole.

    • r3dbull4dd1kt says:

      it also speaks volumes to the mental disorders Law Enforcement Agencies have as well…wasting all the time, money and personnel on a ‘Bicycle Sting Operation’…yeah, theres money well spent

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