Anytime A Bicyclist Blows Through A Stop Sign You Can Just Go Ahead And Blame Idaho, Apparently

fuck idaho

[Bike League] Idaho passed its law allowing bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs and red lights as stop signs in 1982. Since that time many bicycling advocates have attempted to spread this law to other states, and have been met with strong resistance. These efforts continue, as recently as this summer, and the strides that cyclists have made since the early 80s have not lessened the calls for this reform. 

More than 30 years after Idaho passed its law, the evidence suggests that it is a safe and effective reform. In 2008, Jason Meggs contacted Idaho’s Office of Highway and Traffic Safety and analyzed statewide yearly summaries of traffic injuries and fatalities, including summaries by county and mode. His analysis found no evidence of a long-term increase in injury or fatality rates as a result of the adoption of the “Idaho stop” law. In 1983, the year after the law was adopted, bicycle injury rates declined by 14.5 percent and there was no change in the number of bicycle fatalities.

Really, Idaho? Fucking really?

Okay, so it’s ridiculous to blame Idaho for bicyclists being lawless douchebags. Obviously bicyclists are all ALREADY lawless douchebags, but that doesn’t mean Idaho should get a free pass for enabling them.

But what I really love here is how the “Bike League” just CANNOT IMAGINE how every other state hasn’t adopted this law. Yeah guys. It’s a huge fuckin mystery why that law didn’t change anything in Idaho. I mean we’re only talking about a state where there are, what, seven cars total? But you’re right. We should totally apply this law nationally. Those numbers will TOTALLY hold up in New York City!

Actually why am I even fighting this? Fuck it! Go for it! Make it so stop signs don’t apply to bicyclists anywhere. I just don’t understand why I take so much flack for being anti-bike when it seems to me it’s the bicyclists themselves who are doing literally everything they can to cause more bicyclist deaths each and every day. If this “Idaho Stop” law hits any major city and bike accidents don’t increase by at least 200%, I’ll print a booklet of every post I’ve ever written and fucking EAT IT.

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3 Responses to Anytime A Bicyclist Blows Through A Stop Sign You Can Just Go Ahead And Blame Idaho, Apparently

  1. r3dbull4dd1kt says:

    this is typical bikefuck rhetoric…”Our bicycle is a vehicle…unless you want us to obey traffic laws…then its not”

    If I roll through a fuckin stop sign, on a deserted city avenue, Johnny 5-0 pops the strobes and gives me a goddamn cavity search…Peddly McFuckwad does it and Idaho says, eh why not allow it?

    Hey, Idaho…stick to growing potatoes and let the grownups make the laws because you obviously suck at it!

  2. SleepyBoBos says:

    And if they hold their bike above their heads, it becomes a hat.

  3. Zachary Qusoba says:

    Liberal entitled dipshits

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