Bicyclists Inexplicably Continue To Wage War Against Bus Drivers


[Wisconsin State Journal] A bicyclist escaped serious injury due to alert evasive action by a bus driver Friday morning, according to a Madison Police Department report.

Police said a bicyclist riding against traffic at about 7:15 a.m. “turned right into the bus.”

“She was on the sidewalk and moved right into the street in front of the bus,” said Howard Payne, police department spokesman.

“If not for the alert action of the driver, the bicyclist would have been run over,” police said.

Props to the bus driver for managing to swerve the bus out of the way. Not because it probably saved the bicyclist’s life, by the way. When you’re riding your bike against traffic and turning right out into the street in front of buses, I have to think that natural selection probably comes into play. Sure she survived this time, but only because the person driving the bus had quick reflexes and a conscience. In my experience, neither of those things are common when it comes to bus drivers.

No, I say props for avoiding the bicyclist because, had she actually been run over, it’s 100% guaran-fucking-teed that the bicycling community would find some way to blame the bus driver. I mean what the fuck, did you NOT expect a bicyclist to ride right into traffic in front of you? How could you not be ready for that? Share the fucking road dude. It’s like a bicyclist can’t just go the wrong way down the middle of the street in peace anymore. I’m sorry, I thought this was America.

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