Some Dickhead Bicyclist Threw A Rock At A Car And Promptly Got His Ass Beat With A Baseball Bat


[Associated Press] A 45-year-old Stratford woman is accused of beating a bicyclist with a baseball bat in Bridgeport. Andrea Brown was arrested Saturday on charges including assault.

The Connecticut Post reports that Brown and 28-year-old Angel Ramos of Bridgeport began arguing in a Bridgeport parking lot after her car and his bicycle nearly collided. Police say a witness told Brown that Ramos had thrown a rock at her car. They say she followed him to a gas station, where he dropped the bike and began running.

They say she ran over the bicycle, then caught Ramos and began hitting him with the bat. He was treated for bruises at a local hospital.

I guess I should start out by saying, for what feels like the thousandth time, that I do not and will never support violence against bicyclists. Violence is their game, and we do not stoop to the level of these spandex-clad savages. We are better than that. We have to be better than that.

But that said, if you pick up a rock and hurl it at somebody’s car, you really can’t be too fucking shocked when the come back at you, can you? I’m not saying that people should be free to run around beating bicyclists with bats, but in this specific circumstance it kind of seems like you had it entirely within your power to prevent this from happening to you, dude. Yeah, yeah, this lady is going to face her punishment and she probably deserves it, but if you think I have one single ounce of sympathy for this rock-hurling pedalfucker, you are sadly mistaken.

You know what’s fun to think about? At what point do you think the dude realized he fucked up? Was it when she turned her car to come after him? Was it when she ran the fuck over his bike? Was it when he saw the baseball bat? Somewhere along the line he realized he fucked with the wrong person, and I wish I could pinpoint that moment. I want that moment frozen in time forever. I want it bottled. I want to be able to crack open a refreshing can of dipshit bicyclist justice anytime I need a little pick-me-up. Because I just cannot think of a moment where justice was served more swiftly and more deservedly than in this story.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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1 Response to Some Dickhead Bicyclist Threw A Rock At A Car And Promptly Got His Ass Beat With A Baseball Bat

  1. bicyclebill2000 says:

    Some more information, since we cannot ever expect Falco to give the whole story
    (from WTNH-TV8, a television channel out of New Haven CT):

    Bridgeport police received a call from a woman on Boston Avenue around 7:30 p.m. Saturday (4/20/15) saying a man on a bicycle had damaged her vehicle.  Andrea Brown, 45, and 28-year-old Angel Ramos had met moments earlier when they almost collided as Brown turned into Captain’s Pizza on Boston Avenue.

    Police say after Brown went inside Captain’s Pizza, Ramos threw a rock at her vehicle.  Someone told Brown inside the restaurant.  She went outside, jumped back in her car, and chased down the Bridgeport man after he rode away, catching up with him near the Hess gas station on North Avenue. Ramos jumped off the bike and took off running down a nearby street.

    Brown allegedly ran over his bike and pulled out a mini-baseball bat from her vehicle.  She beat the 28-year-old as he tried to run away, according to police.

    News 8 went by Brown’s Stratford home, but no one answered the door.  Both she and Ramos face charges of breach of peace and criminal mischief. Brown faces additional charges for assault.

    So, to sum up, some middle-aged woman looking for her pizza fix turns into a parking lot in front of another vehicle, cutting off said vehicle and almost causes an accident.  The operator of the other vehicle takes umbrage and, regrettably, throws a rock at the woman’s car (no mention, btw, of just what damage the rock did to her vehicle; we only the woman’s say-so that the vehicle was ‘damaged’ in the call to the police — and who’s to say that much of the damage wasn’t seff-inflicted when she later ran over the bicycle?).

    This woman then escalated the situation by leaving the restaurant which she had already entered, got back into her car, and set off in vindictive pursuit of this rider, eventually intentionally crashing her car into a second vehicle and committing an act of assault upon the operator of the vehicle.

    Note that both parties face similar charges for breach of peace and criminal mischief.  The middle-aged woman, because of her uncontrolled display of road-rage, faces additional charges as a result of her acts of mayhem.

    I will give the woman credit for one thing.  Once the news crew goes to her home, she dummied up, which was the only smart thing she did throughout this entire incident.

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