Pack Of Bicyclist Thugs Terrorize Neighborhood, Succeed In Driving Poor Old Man Insane


[Daily Mail] A video has emerged of a motorist brandishing a baseball bat to confront members of a suburban Houston cycling team after allegedly hitting one of them with his car.

Sherman Clark, 74, of Conroe, can be seen in the smartphone video wielding the aluminum bat after what the cyclists claim was a road rage incident where he ran one biker off the road and brake-checked another who seriously injured his wrist.

The cyclists claim to be innocent victims of the old man’s anger, however, he disputes their version of events. He claims they have exchanged words with him in the past. ‘This guy that was shooting the video was questioning me like an attorney,’ he added. 

‘They had my truck, totally circled, I got out with a baseball bat to have something to protect myself because there’s 10 of them, one of me,’ he explained. ‘I got back in my truck, said ‘I’m leaving, you can’t make stay here. You better get out from in front of my truck or I guess I’ll have to run over you.’

This was not the first incident Mr Clark has had with the group, he said he has exchanged profanities with them in the past as he grew frustrated with their ignorance of traffic laws and indifference to motorists.

This club comes out here and rides around and around and around our circle,’ he lamented, ‘they make a nuisance of themselves.’

Listen, I’m not gonna sit here and defend this guy. I’ve said time and time again that I don’t advocate violence against bicyclists. You can’t stoop to their level. We’re the mature party here and we have to act like it. If he really did brake check this cyclist and break his wrist, well I just can’t stand here and defend him.

But at the same time, I feel like I definitely have to defend him, right? I mean it’s not like he just randomly came across a group of cyclists and decided to run them off the road. This is an organized group of Lycra Warriors who have spent every week systematically terrorizing Mr. Clark and his neighborhood.

Can you say it any better than he does? He’s not mad at them because they’re on bikes. He’s mad at them because of their “ignorance of traffic laws and indifference to motorists.” Pretty sure we can all sympathize with that. And if you and your roving cabal of bicyclist thugs spend week after week circling a poor old man’s neighborhood like a group of cackling hyenas waiting to strike, I can understand how the old guy might get a little jumpy. I can understand why he’d feel the need to grab a baseball bat to defend himself. After all if these savages don’t think they’re bound by traffic laws, who’s to say they think they’re bound by ANY laws? Mr. Clark here is 74 years old. You think he’s gonna take any chances around potential murderers looking to rob him of what little time he has left? For sure not.

Now, do I agree with his tactics? Of course not. You can’t just run bicyclists off the road. It’s not a good look for any of us. But when you spend that much time living in fear, eventually even the strongest among us is gonna snap. I don’t support it. I don’t condone it. But I understand.

h/t again to reader Goon for the story

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