If I Told You That Bicyclists Are Curb Stomping Teenagers Now, Would You Be Even A Little Bit Surprised?


[AboutMyArea] Police in Rugby are appealing for witnesses to an assault in Wood Street involving a pedal cyclist and a 16-year old pedestrian.

The incident took place on Wednesday 11 September at approximately 12.40pm when the 16-year old was walking along Wood Street towards King Edward Road when a collision took place between him and the pedal cyclist near to the chip shop.

The cyclist is reported to have struck the pedestrian in the face, knocking him to the floor where he proceeded to stamp on his head before riding off.

Ho hum. Just a bicyclist running over an innocent pedestrian and then curb stomping his face into the asphalt. Nothing to see here. Certainly nothing that qualifies as “news.” After all the root word of news is “new,” and this is definitely nothing new.

In fact this pretty much fits right in with the bicyclist thought process: attack people who are weaker than you. They attack blind people, old people, celebrities, and now innocent teenagers. This 16 year old kid was probably just walking down the street celebrating his new driver’s license and dreaming of the day when he can legally buy booze instead of handing the bum outside the packie a fifty and hoping he doesn’t run off with the change. Except here comes Johnny Gearshift doing everything he can to make the the poor kid never sees that day. Well bad news, bikefucks. This kid is a fighter. This kid survived. And all you’ve done is create another foot soldier in the anti-bicyclist army. Don’t be surprised if this kid gets his first car and starts dooring bicyclists left and right. Nobody to blame but yourselves.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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