Typical Bicyclist Just Spitting on Normal Everyday Citizens Now

Brisbane’s walkers and joggers are apparently under attack at the moment. Not by some sex fiend but by a cyclist who has taken to spitting on them.

Safe Cycling Australia has come to us for help in idenfiying and reporting Brisbane’s spitting cyclist.

Dave Sharp is with Safe Cycling Australia: (AUDIO FILE) [ABC Brisbane]

We’ve already discussed how New Zealand is firmly in the pocket of Big Bicycle, and we can see that it’s having effects outside their own country. I’d hate to be Australia right about now. Australian bicyclists just getting all cocky and acting like they run the place just because they run the country next door.

And this is pretty much typical behavior here. Not only do bicyclists think that laws don’t apply to them when the sit on a bike, they also think that the basic principles of human decency don’t apply to them. I mean bicyclists who bitch about drivers are dumbasses for the most part, but at least what they’re saying SORT OF makes sense in their perverse little world. But spitting on pedestrians just walking around? That’s the lowest of the low.  Hey if that purse thief bicyclist couldn’t even outrun a woman on foot in sandals, surely some Australian hero can run this fuckhead down and teabag him into submission.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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