Bicyclists Don’t Just Ignore Laws, Now They’re Straight Up Shooting Cops

Police say while an officer was patrolling the area near 24th Street and Roosevelt Thursday night, he noticed someone on a bicycle that looked suspicious.

That officer decided to approach the cyclist, but after making contact, the cyclist pulled out a gun and shot the officer.

The officer returned fire and no one was hit by the bullets.

The suspect took off on foot, leaving his bicycle behind.

“We believe he is armed with a black handgun at this time and that is why we are doing a search like we are doing with our tactical team,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Trent Crump.

Police locked down the neighborhood, but could not find the suspect, who is described as a Hispanic male with a shaved head, short mustache and tattoos on both of his forearms.  He was wearing blue jeans and didn’t have a shirt on. [FOX Phoenix]

So wait, “no one was hit by the bullets”? Not even the cop? The cop walked right up to some suspicious looking bicyclist (redundant, I know) and the guy couldn’t even hit him? Jesus fucking Christ, I know bicyclists are all idiots, but missing a point blank shot like some kind of chump is just SAD. I mean not SAD, obviously, because the cop should go APE on this motherfucker’s ass, but sad as in goddamn pathetic.

Also, I mean, guys, we all know that bicyclists ignore the law like it’s their job. They don’t obey traffic laws. They drink while they ride. They steal. They piss in public. But now they’re just gonna try to MURDER law enforcement officers? Make no mistake my friends. The war has begun. Choose your side.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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