Former Philadelphia Mayor And Admitted Bicyclist Pretty Much Says What Everyone Already Knew And Admits That Bicyclists Think They Are Immune To All Laws


[Philadelphia Daily News via Philebrity] I’M CHILLING with John Street at Darling’s Diner, talking biking while dining. Turns out the Piazza at Schmidt’s hipster haven is a favorite hang of the once-prickly ex-mayor.

One of us is saying, “99 percent [of bicyclists] feel no obligation to obey the law” – and it’s not me. It’s Street, who loves bicycles, rides about 1,000 miles a year, but dismisses bike lanes and admits most bikers are lawbreakers – including himself.

Does he obey the law?

“No. I follow none. Zero.”

He started biking in 1968.

“How could you do that?” I tease, “without bike lanes?”

“Cars just had to get out of my way,” he replies with a grin.

Hey Philly, nice job. It’s bad enough when cities like Portland, Oregon or New York City cater to bicyclists with their bikeshare programs or their bike lane hegemony. But you went and elected an admitted bicyclist MAYOR. And not only is he a bicyclist, but he’s one of those cavalier bikefucks who just comes right out and admits that he doesn’t give two shits about the law.

Now don’t misunderstand me: in actuality John Street is probably no worse than any other bicyclist on the road. In fact, he’s wrong that 99% of bicyclists think the law doesn’t apply to them. It’s 100%. So I’m not going to sit here and tell you Mayor Street is the worst of the bunch because the reality is that he’s just the same as the rest of them. But when you’re the mayor of a major metropolitan area and your advice to bicyclists is to ride wherever they want and just hope that cars get out of the way, I have to say you should probably be arrested for public endangerment.

We’ve done the math before. We’re talking about a 25 pound aluminum frame with two wheels attached to it up against a road filled with two-ton behemoths that could kill you without even NOTICING. So when your mayor tells you “no no, go for it, run that red light, it’ll be fine,” what he’s doing is essentially the equivalent of telling a 9-year-old to go punch a tiger in the balls. Motherfucker, that tiger will kill you ACCIDENTALLY. And that’s what bicyclists don’t understand. They act like drivers are actively trying to murder them when the fact of the matter is that the safest driver in the world can’t bend the laws of physics and stop his car on a dime when one of these spandex-clad assclowns blows a stop sign and darts out into traffic. If a 4,000 pound boulder is rolling down a hill at me, I’m gonna give it the respect it deserves and jump out of the way, not stand in front of it and yell SHARE THE HILL, ASSHOLE and hope it stops. That’s the fact, jack.

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2 Responses to Former Philadelphia Mayor And Admitted Bicyclist Pretty Much Says What Everyone Already Knew And Admits That Bicyclists Think They Are Immune To All Laws

  1. B. says:

    Sir Isaac Newton: bicyclists’ worst enemy…

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