It’s “Bike To Work Day” Here In DC, So This Is It, This Is The Day I Kill Myself


[WJLACommuter Connections and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association are celebrating Bike to Work Day today. More than 13,000 area commuters will be taking part in this clean, fun and healthy way to get to work.

More than 70 pit stops throughout D.C., Maryland, and Virginia will be open and giving out refreshments for those participating.

Nicholas Ramfos with Commuter Connections joined ABC7’s Adam Caskey on Good Morning Washington to talk about the record number of bikers expected to take part in Bike to Work Day. Both Adam and Nicholas agreed that the forecast is perfect for experienced cyclists and those who are attempting to bike to work for the first time. No rain and low humidity make for a perfect celebration of biking.

It’s amazing to me that a city like DC could actually endorse something like Bike to Work Day. I mean holy shit, all you have to do is spend two seconds driving in the city before you realize that bicyclists are actually the scourge of the roadways. For god’s sake they impede traffic worse than the president’s fucking motorcade. And now you want to encourage MORE of them to come out and clog up our already legendarily congested roads? Fuck you DC. Just fuck you. 

Then again I don’t know why I’m surprised. This is the same city that can’t keep its own metro trains from catching on fire and crashing into each other. “Improve transportation safety” is clearly pretty goddamn low on the priority list, probably right around “don’t let your mayor smoke crack” and “maybe try not shooting each other once in a while.”

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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1 Response to It’s “Bike To Work Day” Here In DC, So This Is It, This Is The Day I Kill Myself

  1. R3dbull4dd1kt says:

    in a city filled to the brim with asshat fucktards, this kind of a stunt doesn’t shock me in the slightest…Maybe,just maybe, the bicyclists are the REASON they shoot eachother so much! All that self-loathing and disgust has to be vented somewhere…I blame cyclists…

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