Not to Be Outdone, Bicyclist Decides to Beat TWO Cops Half to Death


TWO police officers were punched in the face after stopping a man on a bicycle in White Rock, south of Cairns.

The officers were attacked around 11.30pm on Thursday night on Skull Rd, leaving one with facial fractures. It has been alleged the officers intercepted the man on his bike and began talking to him.

As they were speaking, the man is accused of punching both officers in the face. The officers then had to use the taser on the man as he continued to avoid arrest. All three were taken to Cairns Base Hospital for treatment following the incident.

A male constable suffered fractures to his nose and eye sockets, as well as other facial injuries. He will require surgery. The female constable suffered bruising to her face and a concussion. [Courier Mail]

Gotta be tough to be this cop. I mean getting beat on by a bicyclist? That’s just embarrassing.

But on the other hand I understand. Everyone is always all up on cops’ dicks about using excessive force and police brutality. This cop was probably just trying to cover his ass and make sure nobody could accuse him of assaulting this bicyclist unprovoked. Just let it go on a little too far. Protip bro: when your eye sockets start fracturing, it’s probably time to fight back. Poor cops though man. They never get to defend themselves.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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