Bicyclists Are Such Ridiculous Hypocrites I Can’t Even Stand It

Free speech? Natalie Plummer was reportedly just trying to be neighborly when she spotted a police speed trap on her way home (via bicycle) in Houston. She quickly made and held up a makeshift sign to warn drivers, which the police apparently found unamusing; they promptly arrested her and tossed her in the slammer, holding her for 12 hours until she posted bond. (Yo, Natalie, next time you want to do a public service, consider holding up a sign saying “Please slow down.”) [Seacoast Online]

Listen it’s not even that I’m opposed to the bicyclist here, because I agree that speed traps are bullshit. But bicyclists spend all of their time bitching that drivers treat the road as their own private playground and refuse to be safe. So the police take steps to make sure motorists are driving safely, and what does this bicyclist do? Promptly tell the police to go fuck themselves.

I’m seriously not sure how I’m supposed to feel bad for bicyclists who get involved in accidents when this is their standard response to any safety measures. Ticket bicyclists for straying from the bike lane? BULLSHIT. Cite bicyclists for running red lights? HOW DARE YOU. Install speed traps to keep cars driving safely? BETTER PUT A STOP TO THAT. You people are the biggest fucking hypocrites on the face of the planet.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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1 Response to Bicyclists Are Such Ridiculous Hypocrites I Can’t Even Stand It

  1. Natalie Plummer says:

    Hmm.. Well, your first mistake is your blanket term “bicyclist”. I ride on the side walks and treat cars as though they have the right of way, only asking for a reasonable amount of respect. Cars go fast; bikes don’t. I understand this and I hate bicyclist who refuse to come to a middle ground and don’t care if they create a traffic jam. What I did was entirely legal and it was to benefit the driving tax payers of this city.

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