I Don’t Think I Have Ever in My Life Hated Anyone As Much As I Hate This “World’s Smallest Bicycle” Guy


Finally, a bicycle that fits into a day pack … and a man who knows how to ride it! The accompanying video, which has gone viral during the past few days, shows a Russian cyclist pulling out an entire bicycle smaller than his shoe, and calmly climbing aboard and somehow pedaling it down a quiet street. 

It has been billed the world’s smallest bicycle, and if anyone has proof of a smaller functioning bicycle, please share. What’s incredible is that a) the man is able to balance on so small a bike, and b) that the pedals are able to support his weight.

If he’s going to continue riding this bike in public, however, he’d better watch out. Some kid on a tricycle might happen along and run him over. [GrindTV]


Has there ever been better evidence that bicyclists just want attention? I mean they’re basically just hipsters who lack the skill to ride a unicycle. But it looks Comrade Tinybike up there figured out how to game the system. Not good enough to ride a unicycle? NO PROBLEM. RIDE A TINY BIKE. ONE AT A TIME, LADIES.

I want to write more but I just can’t. My whole body is aching from the pure destructive force of the hatred I feel for this man.

About Falco

I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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