Bears Stage Non-Violent Protest of Bicyclists Invading Their Homeland

The future of the GranFondo Banff is uncertain after a last minute change to the route of the cycling event was made necessary by the presence of feeding bears.

It was the first cycling event of its kind, a 142-kilometer route entirely inside the boundaries of a national park, and 1500 riders lined up to take part on Saturday.

But unfortunately no-one had reckoned with the presence of Bear No. 64, a 23-year old grizzly known as the matriarch of the Bow Valley.

No. 64 and her three cubs were feeding along the scenic Bow Valley Parkway, and what’s more, No. 128, an orphaned male grizzly was eating near the road. []

Just goes to show you that even the most notorious predators in the animal kingdom know that you don’t fight bicyclists by sinking to their level. Sometimes you just gotta show that you’re the bigger man. You don’t gotta swat bicyclists off their bikes like the elephants and cows are doing. Sometimes you just gotta show up by the side of a bike race and chew on some deer. Let em know you’re there.

Bear didn’t hurt anyone. Bear didn’t even threaten anyone. Just stared em down and the bicyclists blinked first. NBD. Keep doin’ your thing, bear.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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