Bicyclists Just Openly Hating Jews Now

Police are looking into an argument in which a man hurled hateful taunts at a Jewish man wearing a yarmulke in North Hollywood.

“He made references to Hitler – Hitler should have killed the Jews, that type of stuff,” LAPD Detective Craig Kojima said.

The incident started when a woman was backing out of her driveway in the 12600 block of Bessemer Street Sunday evening about 6:25. A man bicycling by blocked her way, and she honked at him.

The woman’s son, who is about 30 and was wearing a yarmulke, was nearby. During the ensuing argument, the bicyclist challenged the son to a fight, and then started the anti-Jewish taunts. [LA Daily News]

I don’t want to call this an overreaction, but it seems like this might be a little bit of an overreaction. That said it definitely is typical bicyclist behavior. Okay maybe not all the Hitler stuff, but I mean it’s bad enough that bicyclists just block traffic all over the place, this dude couldn’t even help himself from blocking a DRIVEWAY. Like bro. You’re on a bike. That’s a two-ton steel death machine backing into you. You wanna challenge a guy in a CAR to a fight? Dude could just straight up back over you without breaking a sweat.

Pretty predictable though. Someone calls out a bicyclist for being a blatant dickbag? Go straight for the throat. This guy doesn’t fuck around with “you’re an asshole, no YOU’RE an asshole.” Just goes straight for the Hitler card. Just goes to show you bicyclists don’t even know how to fight properly. Can’t go laying down your trump card before the opening round even starts. Just makes everyone look bad.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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