Justin Bieber Is Apparently An Avid Bicyclist, Which I’m Pretty Sure Means The Argument Is Over And I Win


[Bicycling.com] Notorious bad boy Justin Bieber looks to be turning a new page. After his probation meeting on Saturday, Biebs was spotted taking a brand-new bike out for a spin. Based on these Daily Mail photos, it appears to be a model from Retrospec, a Los Angeles-based company specializing in steel fixies.

The Liberty Voice reported that Bieber is turning a page after being sentenced to two years of probation for egging a car. He has embraced a healthier lifestyle, which includes cycling.

Bieber has been interested in bikes for quite some time. Last year, TMZ reported he stole a bike from a security guard at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and rode it around the hallways. Unfortunately, his ride was cut short when the guard reclaimed the bicycle. If he was so set on getting in some indoor exercise, he should have just checked out our guide to trainer workouts

Well, well, well! The most notorious little shit on the planet earth has apparently thrown in his lot with the bicyclists! I can’t say I’m surprised. His whiney, entitled attitude will fit right in as he cruises down the middle of Hollywood Boulevard at 2 miles per hour. It’s perfect, when you think about it. Bieber’s personality fits so perfectly with the bicyclist persona that I almost can’t believe I didn’t put two and two together before.

And of course, I love how our friends at “Bicycling.com” just gloss right over the fact that Bieber stole somebody’s bicycle last year. Oh yeah, hail the Biebs as a hero for taking up your chosen vice, but blatantly ignore the fact that he does exactly the sort of thing that you’d crucify anyone else for. It’s to be expected though. Bicyclists are so desperate for any sort of attention that they’ll crawl in bed with pretty much anybody, even if it means embracing known bicycle thief and all-around reprehensible human being Justin Bieber. That’s just how it goes. Nothing to see here, folks.

h/t reader Steven

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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2 Responses to Justin Bieber Is Apparently An Avid Bicyclist, Which I’m Pretty Sure Means The Argument Is Over And I Win

  1. onenameleft says:

    Only hope we have for the never ending bowel movement of arrogant, crybaby bicyclists, is that this fool flushes the whole bicycle fad down the toilet, due to his own stupidity.

    Notice: Sentence structure, and grammar violations are more then likely in my above comment.

  2. bicyclebill2000 says:

    Sentence structure [i]and[/i] grammar violations are considered to be par for the course in your comments.

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