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Everyone Knows I’m A Giant Technology Geek But If Bicyclists Start Using This “Augmented Reality Helmet” I’m Going To Wish We Had Never So Much As Discovered Fire

[Digital Trends] According to a CNET report, a Moscow-based company called LiveMap, is developing a new helmet for bikers that features a head-mounted display, built in navigation and Siri-like voice recognition. The headgear will feature a translucent, color display that’s projected on … Continue reading

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Apparently They Now Make A Bicycle With Scooter Attachment Coming Off the Back Of It And Oh My God My Brain Can’t Even Handle How Much I Hate Anyone Who Would Use This

[Digital Trends] Designer and photographer Jason Loveless invented the scooteRack because he claims he wants to see more people get around via bicycles. “Imagine if you could double the number of bicycle users without doubling the number of bicycles!” he writes. The … Continue reading

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Bicyclists Now Strapping $600 Plastic Bags to Their Heads in the Name of Safety; I See No Way This Could Go Wrong

(VIDEO) Sure, a bicycle helmet can save your life in an accident, but it can also be murder on your freshly coifed hair. Now there’s an alternative — an airbag for your head. And like the ones in your car, … Continue reading

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Because Regular Bicycles Aren’t Flimsy Enough, Cardboard Bicycles Are Now Apparently a Thing

A bicycle made of cardboard may seem an unlikely form of transport – but one inventor claims to have developed one that costs just £10 to make. By folding over sheets to double their strength, he claims the machine is … Continue reading

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I Can’t Even Write a Headline, There Are Literally No Fucking Words

Bicycling is cool if you’re going down a mountain or winning the Tour de France. It’s a bit dorky in any other scenario. It makes sense if you live in an urban area, but you are giving up a touch of … Continue reading

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I Don’t Think I Have Ever in My Life Hated Anyone As Much As I Hate This “World’s Smallest Bicycle” Guy

  Finally, a bicycle that fits into a day pack … and a man who knows how to ride it! The accompanying video, which has gone viral during the past few days, shows a Russian cyclist pulling out an entire … Continue reading

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