Watching A Bicyclist Get His Brains Bashed In By A Railroad Barrier Made Me Smile On This Rainy Thursday

[Leinster Leader] Delays were reported to Maynooth rail lines this afternoon, after a cyclist caused damage to a level crossing at Coolmine.

Iarnród Éireann‏ released footage of the cyclist trying to cross the level crossing before the barrier dropped, and ends up colliding with it. Delays of up to 30 minutes were reported at approximately 2:15pm as a result.

It’s raining outside. It’s a gloomy, gloomy day. It’s the middle of fall, and the days are getting shorter. It’s flu season, and a lot of people (myself included) are suffering from the sniffles. Baseball season is almost over. Cold and snow are just around the corner. All in all, it doesn’t feel like there’s much to look forward to these days, and it can make this time of year a little depressing.

That’s why it’s important that we treasure the little things. Little things like a bicyclist trying to duck under a descending railway barrier and getting his goddamn brains bashed in. It just brings a smile to your face, you know? Watch that video up there and try not to laugh, I dare you. Watch that dumb piece of shit fly into frame and immediately miscalculate his own height by about a foot and a half. It’s amazing. It’s like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. After watching that video, I feel prepared to face the day. Who cares about rain? Who cares about darkness? Who cares about the looming winter and creeping inevitability of death? NOT ME! I’ve got a bicyclist breaking his face to watch!

PS. Am I thrilled to hear that a dumb fuck bicyclist managed to cause 30 minute train delays? I am not. In fact, if I was stuck in that backup, if I was 30 minutes late to work because some idiot had to try to sneak under a barrier, I’d be pretty fucking furious. But sometimes you just have to set those feelings aside and enjoy the simple pleasure of a bicyclist obliterating his own face.

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I hate bicyclists. My only regret is that I can't grow a beard.
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3 Responses to Watching A Bicyclist Get His Brains Bashed In By A Railroad Barrier Made Me Smile On This Rainy Thursday

  1. CC says:

    Yeah, he got up too fast – no real damage it seems.
    Darwin awaits another day….

  2. BlackQueen says:

    Irish Bicyclists (that incident happened in Dublin) – don’t get me started. They are a breed that belong in the folk park – modern things like traffic signals and rail barriers are too much for them! They also hate automobiles and want them off the road – they also moan about every road improvement in Dublin – they’re such a bunch of losers!

  3. Sonia says:

    That made me smile too….
    Here in France they are such a danger to pedestrians and dogs. These people are obsessed, and get real mean whenever you stand on their way, even if you have a right to walk where you walk. A woman a few days ago almost ran into me and my dog purposely, her face distorded with hatred. Probably plagued with the Health Nut Syndrome.
    I actually do hate bicyclists quite deeply.

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